Diet Steaz Energy Drink

Steaz has a wonderful energy drink out right now that has 80 mg caffeine from awesome natural sources- green tea, guarana, acai, and yerba mate. What more could you want from an energy drink?

Less sugar. And NO. Not the fake kind. I don’t want maltitol, zylitol, or poticol, and I especially don’t want maltodextrin or sucralose! I don’t know what maltodextrin is, even after researching it, and I know that sucralose is gross.

So why can’t these energy drinks just put less sugar in, right?! They taste like syrupy cough syrup. Not just cough syrup, but sickly sweet slime. I barely can stand ‘red bull’ in a vodka beverage because it’s so sugary.

And I used to like Rockstar and was excited about Rockstar Juiced until I noted that it had Sucralose in it! Why!!! They put in Juice and took away my freedom!

But this Steaz is good stuff. And I wanted it to have just a bit less sugar still (though it is less sweet than other energy drinks, but to be fair, it’s also got a little less kick…than coffee (my primary method of caffeination these days).

And now they have put out a

    Diet Steaz Energy Drink

Since it’s actually healthy, that doesn’t mean added fake sweeteners (that may cause cancer). No. It is going from around 19g sugar to 9g sugar! It tastes great too.

Yay! Everyone rejoice and go buy one, available at: Buy Diet Steaz at These Locations!

Below is how I got this info- moral of the story is a- try it, b- consume less sugar, and c- always speak up if you care about something, oh, and d- i’m always saying random stuff

listen to them below- names are changed to awesome things to protect identity’s sakes.

—–Original Message—–
From: customerwhocares@yeahicare!.com
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2007 1:11 PM
Subject: steaz energy


Just wanted to say that your green tea energy drink is one of the best I
have tried. I’d like to put in a product recommendation. Please make a
low sugar version of this. I think the downfall of every energy drink is
the level of sugar in them. Almost all of my friends agree that they are
far too sweet. If this had more like 15mg of sugar you would have me as a
2 can a day customer.

Same recipe, just less sugar please!

Thank you,

somewhere, USA

(ps- I get them at the Whole Foods in TOWN, USA)

—————————- Original Message —————————-
Subject: steaz energy
From: “”
Date: Wed, June 27, 2007 11:24 am
To: customerwhocares@yeahicare!.com
Cc: “‘Firstname Lastname'”

Good news, Diet Steaz hits all Whole Foods stores in August. Only 9 grams
of sugar per serving and nothing artificial!

Let us know when you try it.


First Name (Mr. Man)

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2 Responses to Diet Steaz Energy Drink

  1. I think you might love this:

    Now someone tell me where to buy cases of diet steaz.

  2. Amandoo says:

    You can purchase a case from some random online people after much searching and pay up to $15/20 in shipping, or you can go to your local Whole Foods and order a case at 1.99 each and get a 5% discount. They eat the shipping charges. Woohoo! That’s the best route to go. And remember, people, diet doesn’t mean don’t…I’m just saying the ‘diet’ version is actually made with less sugar, not fake sugar, so it is in fact better for you.

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