canceled is spelled with only one ‘l’ get with it

spell check will tell you that.

i think i’m growing some narcolepsy or something. spell check told me it might be nympholepsy which i was really ruling out until i found this- “State of ecstasy and frenzied emotion in relation to the unattainable” if we stretch the ‘unattainable’ to a perfect and beyond contented future then maybe that is me.

we may never know. you may never know i mean.

everyone is getting engaged. EVERYONE. it’s pretty exciting, except for that i’m nowhere near that.

i made it through the halfway point of summer school class, and i’m feeling okay. i was almost ready to quit a second time, which would have sucked on many levels.

now i’m going to celebrate by going and buying some ‘teacher clothes’ which i majorly lack.


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One Response to canceled is spelled with only one ‘l’ get with it

  1. paola says:

    we should hang out and be single together.

    old maids? never.

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