to get a little egotistic

Something delicious is happening. Things are good, I am decidedly not lacking in mental clairvoyance or clarity.

Had enough of that I guess. I am still a lil’ o.o.c. spectacular. Or so I like to think.

I found out about two relevant engagements within an hour of each other- and then I talked to a friend from high school who told me about a third, that I, nor anyone I know of had known about. yes I can keep secrets and I intend to on that one until I hear of it from someone else. But woh! Throw some whats on the whos?

I guess I wish I was sleeping right now. I. also gotta go b-b-q. Meaning the VCR is not only not set up, but where is it? It may have disappeared in the move. And good ol’ technology teacher says ‘bring a VHS for taping yourself because those are the most universal means’ or something like that.

You know, it’s all dollars to donuts up in this D. Dollars to donuts? Yes. A girl in my class actually used that. I was so caught off guard that I fail to remember the context, thusly having no idea how to properly use it myself, but make way for dollops to dancers or something way worse than that.

Who wants to go to AC?! I mean the shore. For sure. For short. A short period of time.

My wireless is suck right now. I guess I should just go to bed. But I got a text message from my new roommate that said ‘sick in bed. talk tomorrow’ to I guess explain why she didn’t move in today. It will in fact be great and or very interesting times to have more roommates.

And my bestest friend is coming on Tuesday which shall be sweet.

Finally, I watched a movie. I can’t say the title of it until I write about it. But boy was it good. And yes, I am this vague in real life too, always, to everyone, about everything.

And that is why I can’t write good lesson plans. Or what not. It tastes good though, life.

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