i know why we’re all alive

it looks like some people are not really all that ‘alive’. i watched a show last night i think about people learning how to work in a mortuary. the make-up-faced girls learning looked more dead than the old dead man body they were working on. now, what if those girls read what i just said. i bet they would care about it as much as i do.

alive! i made it! i got a great grade on my test (B+) which is really an A, basically. But not at all. Hey. It’s cool though. It’s making me use capitals, which I think are kind of a waste of time. but i was soooo excited. and i did alright in my ‘microteach’, but only because i talked about TV. TV is a good topic, especially when it’s supposed to be for middle-school-aged students.

i think everything is in fact going to work out. besides work next week (i need off because my best friend is coming to town!), and! i have not ‘worked out’ in forever. at least i’d like to ride my bike more but i’m scared because i never asked if i could store it in the garage i’m storing it in and then they shut it so i’m scared. i guess i could carry it up the stairs each time? no. not really.

i’m tirered moreso than usual, even though i went to bed by like 1am AWESOME! i’m so F proud of myself for doing better and putting in a real effort towards school this time. it’s kind of gross how much better i feel, it’s like i’m actually doing work and caring because i realize how important it is for me? after this class, a test or two in the fall, and then student teaching!

in other news, i will not discuss my l’oventures on the internet. it’s against God’s will. well. my will. and probably anyone involved on the other end. let’s just say i don’t get around, but i don’t cover a lot of ground with it either. i don’t have time for this.

i’m working. lots. today. and it’s okay, cuz it’s all gonna change. i think it’ll be great. and i love you. so much. like pb ‘n j. (actually i don’t like that all that much)

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