i’m always tired. probably because i worked this morning after going out all night. i don’t like working weekends, but i have to get enough hours to achieve ‘part-time’ status at starbucks. boring. jk high five. it’s going to be great. especially since i start school again tomorrow. huge test. going to be boring! well. it’ll be okay. at least i have an idea of how bad it’s going to be (bad). this year i want an A (last year i dropped it).

tired! i had some fun this weekend. i went to the june fete and went on a few rides. i used my new camera. all the way until the battery died.

good times.

wish me luck. please. i have to go nap so i can wake up and study more.

my life is definitely way more interesting then what i just wrote sounds, but i can’t convey that right now, seeing as how i must be studying every second i’m alive.


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  1. paola says:

    Hey friend. Been missing you here in internetworld. I didn’t know real people still went to the june fete.

    g’ luck.

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