donuts, cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, and pies

i could go for some of those golden cupcakes from hostess. i realized that wawa doesn’t have them. that’s because they have ‘tastycake’ and that other weird company. i bet 7-11 would have them. because in MI where i’m from they have lots of cupcakes.

other things taste good too, like the donut i did not get for breakfast. i’m glad i didn’t get it though, i would be falling asleep way more than i am already, even after the coffee.

i went and played quizzo last night at oh! bryon’s saloonery. i ate some roast beef and i’d say it was good if not over(road)kill, kidding. hmm. i answered questions and felt terrible when i didn’t push for michigan as the answer to where are the grand rapids. you never know. didn’t want to be ‘the girl who cried detroit what!’

moving in is pretty much done. by that i mean we have all of our stuff up there and we just have to clean out the old place. but guess what. i have a room full of crapjunk. i must move it, organize it, or get rid of it.

ikea tasted so good yesterday. the furniture was worth every bite. they have delicious rooms and chairs and bookshelves and the like. i only got a lamp which i will take a picture of, and some lightbulbs. we did eat a meal at the cafeteria which is almost worth a trip even if you didn’t buy anything.

so guess what else. i am going to take pictures of everything with my new camoorooo and share some with you. here’s one:

Methriex Samurai Mittens

it might be pretty dark, but that’s cute lil methriex samurai mittens. what a poo!

well i’ve got plenty to do today, including drastically improving my life, so i must go.

hugs and


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