it is very hot in and out of everywhere around me. i’ve been sweating up many a many carrying things up and down stairs. i’m moving very inefficiently (not packing anything up, not asking for help, carrying more than my weight) oh i’m only joking. it’s going pretty well. i have the majority of my stuff moved. you see, it’s really only up some stairs. so that’s not so bad. this is my first post from my new mapartment, and i’m excited that it has internet tubes!

we have like three extra rooms if you are considering paying us money.

i just found out that dj cam ‘madblunted jazz’ is a strikingly good song.

i also just noticed i don’t have internet at this second. so i will have to find some more and then post this. by the time, well, nevermind.

i’m going to a Fall of Troy concert tonight. i believe actually the Deftones are playing ‘main act’ thing, and I don’t care. i’m going to see fall of troy.

that’s right. i have musical tastes that vary like jelly bean flavors.

okay back to moving before concert. tonight who knows what? hopefully not anymore golden monkey. it bites hard.

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2 Responses to HOT

  1. Amandoo says:

    it’s weird that i comment on my own (psycho)pathetic blog. but yay i got that camera! it’s the @#$%! well, i haven’t used it yet…but i will tonight after i battery/memory card it up! expect to see exciting photos like ALL the time now

  2. paola says:

    this is me not responding on yourspace.
    and since when are you moving.

    how about we make plans to NOT hang out, and then maybe something will happen. piles of kittens? mhmm.

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