if you ever go to a party and want to sound cool, just casually drop this one: “salpingooophorectomy” which is this: “Unilateral salpingo-oophorectomy is the surgical removal of a fallopian tube and an ovary”. YEAh!

i’m thinking about getting this: underwater digital camera! YEAH!

not like i have money. if i did i would certainly buy a turntable boo!.

so. i was thinking about how much i say the same things about myself and my life. and i hated how i go through periods where i’ll say basically the same thing a bunch of times to a bunch of different people. like: ‘oh yeah, i’ve been having great lunches with the queen of new jersey and have started opting for ‘lighter options” (random) but i noticed it after i repeated my life status update to a few people and i knew one person i was with was overhearing it for maybe the fourth time. the same spiel. you know what i mean? like when a student comes back home after their first year of being away at college. or even worse, after college. they have to tell everyone the same dumb kind of story. so i opt to make a new one. i won’t say what yet. but. i will. make it. like “oh, i’m getting a salpingooophorectomy because i need ‘lighter options’ ” okay?!

boring. i have to go find some ice for this hot green tea i made. we all know i can’t eat it hot. warm. tepid. no thanks.

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  1. Ian says:

    Ah, lighter options! Maybe she’s been inspired out of lighter optioning by the soothing image of Paul McCartney. One wonders. Language course web page ahoy!

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