so i know you really want to know what i did over memorialyum day weekend

friday night– friendship! cornhole! fun times outside!!!
saturday night– nap, family barbecue (by family i mean with the Fresh Cut Salads and friends), then a party at Club BB’s, then a crazy bonfire where there were four dogs (two sets of twin-ish dogs) and a horse that we got to feed carrots. and bella was running into its pen and i don’t think it liked that, (but neither took any opposing action), and eventually sleep.
sunday day/night– sleep. preparation for barbecue. tommy’s barbecue was pretty awesome. but not spectacular enough! we left to go to an old man that i usually hate’s house, with an ‘open bar’ and karaoke and a pool. i didn’t think i’d go swimming, but i did. so did bella the dog. she was amazing. until she kicked me in the face, but that was both of our faults. we played around, jumped off places we maybe shouldn’t have, probably six or seven nice glasses got broken, i put on some weird trader joes-y type pants at some point, and oh. boy. we had a crazy time. i guess you had to be there. it was insane.
monday day/night– recovery? work. boooo. but yay ‘time-and-a-half-pay’

also how bout this guy- dr. weil aka ‘your trusted health advisor’– i liked the looks of him because on the front page was something about an antioxidant in beer. plus i’m a sucker for an attractive website. but not to mention! he does have some awesome stuff there.

also check out 3/5 HUMAN for some hardcore political hip hop action.

also……so many things. kittens. loveship. the cat and dog and kat ten are actually almost all ‘friends’. soooooooooo toooooooooo cute.

but what am i doing with my future? well. that will all be unfoldedtold in future blogposts, or in real life. same diff.

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