kat tens are my favorite things ever.

today we welcome into the world another creature in my heartspace, named

methriex samurai mittens

this kat ten was found under some local shed i believe. and now it is a new part of part of mine fa-lifel.

i could go for some parisian falafel.

i could NOT go for some unhealthy no more periods. period. don’t get me wrong. i understand that some women might find them completely bothersome and unnecessary (especially if they never plan to have kids) but i am unsure about the prolonged safety of this and the effects on women’s overall reproductive health. i don’t love my period, but i may want to have it around someday to use with the getting pregnant cycle thing. and i am wary to believe that there are no harmful side effects from these pills- because every prescription drug has some harmful side effects.

but back to kittens. i’m gonna just stick one in my purse and take it to work.

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