ooh wee i’m tired

i’m always a lil tired aren’t i? mostly. oh well. i can’t believe how much i love cute dogs named bella and then some other cute dogs. i used to HATE them. i try not to hate on anything anymore.


Woman on a ooo pushing her baby in a stroller

maybe not not hate on everything.

marriage in america. what is it. i don’t know.

i am proud of all the friends of mine who have some marriages or some childrens. i can’t ever even have any more real relationships. just fakeships. or celibacy.

it’s just like what one wise quasimoto once said “Don’t go away mad/Just go away/You ain’t gotta go away mad, girl/Just go away” and i think it has been said to me. by myself. or by all the other hydrants.

in case you dint know about the b-boys and i. we’ll all be hanging out as soon as i get one of these babies. it’s really the only kind of baby i could have right now. speaking of missing my niece!

should i go to my friends’ concert at the end of july and erykah badu at the beginning of august, or should i go to the rock the bells show?!?!

so many decisions, so little discussion about the important things that have happened to me recently. like seeing a cardinal’s nest outside my friends’ window. they say the mother leaves more than the father so he comes and feeds the baby cardinals more than she does. i got to see it happen.

i also found out a wealth of awesome information on hummingbirds. i will share it when i recover the article on it.

finally, the best part of everything, my friend last night saw ‘interior light in his car on all the time’ man. so he is real. very real. unfortunately horsebird is less prevalent these days.

i love you all but i have to work. last night after work i came out to a plastic bag on my car. my coworker and i checked it out to make sure nothing fishscaley was up. nothing was. it was just a bag of your average dried mango. actually it was really good dried mango. and my car smelled overwhelmingly like cologne. that’s the part i don’t understand.

life is and is not equally a mystery. i love it.

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