inspiration strikes back

i was going to put up a link but decided it best to maybe not talk about it.

i’d much rather talk about this: drafts, presidency, etcetera

“assuming that Muslim radicals hate us for our freedom, the Edwards approach would solve that problem by extinguishing freedom” (one of my fave lines)

one of the most seen beer pong videos on youtube SATCHELS! it is just plain so. so. bad. it has every crappy practiced-for-eight-hours-before-we-ever-came-even-close-to-making-it shot repeated on slow mo, and it bellowsssss’ (i will not put a link of it up because you do not want to waste your day on it, but you could find it if you want to waste your time like i am right now)

mmm fish oil. might be tasty.

but most importantly, a pair of gay flamingos adopted a chick.

i have no sense of pride attached to neither this blog, nor this day. on the whole.

but now! i’m inspired. (that one’s for the ladies)

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