neck shine from shinola

what does the word ‘enterance’ mean? i don’t know, but i like some of these enterances.

this makes me sick a bit- abuse of powership! who do these people think they are?

hmm. so many good memories from this weekend. too many to write about right now. we’ve got to learn more about this man- ron paul.

and here’s what’s really important- my bro and roommate’s youtube video about awesome pong shots:

[youtube N2xU59vikrg]

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One Response to neck shine from shinola

  1. paola says:

    okay since my computer is too slow to load that probably awesome video, i’m gonna tell you my favorite part of the article on the four-legged women:

    “At the age of 19 Myrtle married a doctor named Clinton Bicknell. It was then that other aspects of her bizarre anatomy became evident. It seems that her twin sister was also fully sexually formed – thus Myrtle possessed two vaginas. She had four daughters and a son and it has been rumored that three of her children were born from one set of organs and two from the other. Whether this is true or not; it is medically possible. In Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine by George M. Gould and Walter L. Pyle it was observed that both vaginas menstruated – thus indicating both were possibly sexually functional.”


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