we had some good times didn’t we!

save the best for first- cat poo coffee!

how bout those 10 ways to keep your memory strong? i do some of them, but not sleep last night! somewhere in there they probably would have added learning foreign language/s, because those are the bomb for memory! the bomb! bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb bomb. if i wrote this at an airport i’d be no flying me anywhere.

about that sleep! if i just slept more and drove less maybe i’d be rich- 4th day of exorbitant arms and legs for fuel. hey wasn’t yesterday or the day before ‘don’t buy gas day’ whooptie doo! start riding a bike (i should, i really should!)

out roo geous. dell charges lies for interests’ sake?!?! i have a dell. but you know what? i saved up my money, for years, and then i paid for the computer. i didn’t do that with other stuff, like school, but ho ho ho! i’m going to survive. most things.

surviving internal decapitation! not for the weak of skull. internal decapitation makes me a lil nauseous sometimes.

Salvador Dali does TV?!?!? oh yeah.

four legged woman? four legged woman! i’m not scared, I’m NOT scar(r)ed…


okay i’m scared. hold my hand. hands. i have three of them.

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