mmm. i got a massage yesterday and it was like buttery cream of lovely carrot-topped flower cakes. you really don’t know what i just said unless you go get a massage as well- but from the same person.

her name is Chelsea and she gives massages at Prasad Yoga in Southampton. GO THERE.

though i had that wonderful relaxing massage, i am still filled with fear, despair, and dread. about secret secrets. i don’t think it will all be okay. not anymore. there’s no point in going on.

no point.

well…maybe i could move to Californee and be just like this man.

something to spice up my life.

i am secretly in love with text messages, just another example of loving what i used to hate. but i won’t pretend that they don’t give me a lil ol heart attack every once in a while. my phone is unacceptably boring to continue talking about.

woo! is it hot in here or what! i wish i could tell you about the real spices of my life!

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