i am slowly, uncontrollably coughing myself away

nothing will help.
not water.
not breathing.
not gagging which i can’t help but do.
tears are streaming down my face.
i am coughing instead of choking to death.
tickle in your throat?


this is something much much worse.

i’m too embarrassed to go to the store and try to buy cough syrup for fear that someone will ask if i’m okay and i won’t even be able to choke out ‘yes…sort of’

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2 Responses to i am slowly, uncontrollably coughing myself away

  1. paola says:

    cough your way over to a doctor!!!

    that sounds kind of strange though– i’ve had colds (?) before where i would have this stabby, tickling, burning, itchy awful feeling in my throat and it would make me cough so much i would gag and feel nauseous. if i held the coughing in my eyes would tear up. i think i would just deal with the cough until it went away.


  2. Amandoo says:

    woo hoo

    glad to know someone out there knows what it’s like.

    i might have thrown up too. because i tried to hold it in. it was way, way beyond gross.

    i would never admit that it was while i was driving to the store to get cough syrup and i had to pull over

    okay bye!

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