even more reason to love ron paul

what in corruptions’ sake is going on here!?

read the digg story: ABC Now Removes ALL Posts from Ron Paul Story and check out a few of the comments saying that people had comments up that got deleted. Right now there is only one comment, and it’s just plain odd.

This is the article that started it all (that no longer includes hundreds of readers’ comments)

You can see some of the polls showing his popularity in this article but also talks about how yahoo won’t put him on the polls even though he’s very popular and how ABC originally didn’t even have him in there and only after receiving “a deluge of furious calls and e mails” did they add him.

So why would this make me like him more? Duh. This foul play on the part of the media makes me suspect something very right about this man. He is a human. With good things to say that matter to intelligent humans, not brainwashed robots.

I like the controversy, and I am finding out more and more about Ron Paul so I can support him all the more.

Go Ron Paul!

Down with unfair censorship and skewed false representation. A new era is upon us!

Rise up people, and write some blogs!

(ps here is a story about the man written by his wife, a story that touches me but not in inappropriate ways)

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  1. Amandoo says:

    someone else said this but it was confusing, so here are their linkages:

    ron paul’s site traffic is way up: http://ronpaul2008.typepad.com/ron_paul_2008/2007/05/ron_paul_web_tr.html

    “To those who say the Internet arcs toward the trivial, try this on for size: Currently, the most searched-for phrase on the blog aggregate site Technorati.com is Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.”

    And this site (http://hammer2006.blogspot.com/2007/05/ron-pauls-online-rise-u.html) took an excerpt from Ron Paul’s Online Rise – U.S. News & World Report:

    “Technorati spokesman Aaron Krane confirmed that, to the best of the company’s knowledge, the online support for Paul is genuine. (Tech-savvy devotees occasionally attempt to enlist programs called “bots” to artificially boost their candidate on search engines, but Krane said Technorati is usually able to detect and delete the cheaters.)”

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