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i spoke earlier of net neutrality and covered myself with a blanket when really if i had had the time i would have gone on to explain that i like the wealth of information sharing out there and the fact that i can now see humanity in what i used to call ‘soulless robots’ (computers) or something like that. now i will share what someone commented on that ron paul blog:
video about the politics behind loaded words such as ‘net neutrality’

i think i’m going to retire early and just work on creating myself an internetempire or something of this sort. i have enough ideas. who knows if it would really work. i think i need more money first.

i feel good though, i should be celebrating turning in that project that i just don’t want to talk about -> do you ever do something that you are so not proud of that you don’t want to think about it or talk about it and you don’t do anything about it and it eats away at you like ants eat through dirt? well it’s too soon to say that i feel better, but a lot of parts of me are loosening up from that sick sick dreadful sense of despair, desolation, and in-utterable disappointment.

i’m a little bit sick, but i really do feel like it’s time to jump on the organization horse. from here on out i will make little, realistic steps towards organization (going through old papers, being ahead?!?! of schoolwork this summer instead of behind?! (definitely more than just on time)

i know, i realize it’s weird that i am going to school this summer- that’s why i want to teach- to have summers off. ha. ho. hoho hohohoho merry accomplished. i’m patting myself on the back mostly. now i must get better (and sleep a lot)

i didn’t go see busdriver tonight (he came back through philly) but i wished him well.

i wish you well too. i wish a wishing well to sell you a belle. belle vie. la vache qui rit.

i love laughing cow cheese, and the dog bella, and pumpernickel? secret society (i might be taking a trip somewhere this weekend—and certainly next weekend as well (to see my bro graduate- GO BRO!!!))

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