ron paul for one and all

what’s better than that beloved sean paul?

how ’bout some ron paul!

i actually listened to some stuff and saw some read some and i liked it. i don’t know, i am just not one to talk about my political views all that much, but i like how he‘s all for net neutrality but for real. has a pretty good politicianing vs. voting vs. backin-it-up record too. i don’t know find out for yourself, but not if you have skewed views.

i may have just alienated 87% of my readers.

this just in. i have no ‘readers’. except p%^&a who i love who just called me saying she was stuck in boston with no money and would i wire her some. i would have if she had insisted six more times.

well it’s friday night and i am sort of done work. not completely done homework, but not about to do it right now? yeah. okay. maybe i’ll clean my room. oh wait- maybe i’ll go out.

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  1. Ron Paul is quite the character isn’t he? However, I’m not a net neutrality advocate. In fact I am working with the Hands Off the Internet Coalition to fight its potentially devastating affects on innovation and competition. Here’s brief video that is much more entertaining than I am. 🙂

    Have a great week!

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