well what would we wait wor

i need to offer more pointless alliteration and install an onomatopoeia device perhaps. in similar news dell is going to offer ubuntu! isn’t this world just so technologically advanced?! that’s what i wrote about in my final essay last night- why should we incorporate educational technology? i will link to it if i ever get it back but he might keep it it was so technologically advanced.

looks like doctors are making some advances tooo- revisiting the cell death rate count guy thing. i’m trying to be more erudite and less subjectively em$%^nal.

this just in from the whytoffice- i’m not into agreeing to ending w#r

g-warmin‘ : true or false?

and finally, this really sounds like my place to pick up guys: “a robot army parade will soon descend on New York City

no comments i’m too hungry

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