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i feel like my blogs have been boring and depressing of late. maybe that’s how i feel about myself of late. well, i am sort of done school after tonight. sort of. it’s hard to say because a- i have not studied at all for my final, b- i’m not done some other schoolwork and c- i will still be taking an intensive summer course so whooptie-do(ne). yeah right. i will cherish up that sweet time off school, those few weeks, where, i, work.

i love eating lots of carrot juice and coffee juice and they seem to think fondly of me too. i freak out so easily. both good and bad. i think it’s all the coffee or the huggable delusions. i really leally love animals that i never see anymore. i’m random. it’s the #$%^&.

speaking of my profound sadness, melancholy, and woe, i agree with what everyone has been saying. but here is my proposal (and ps propose to me please)- there is almost nothing worse than being ‘broken up with’ by someone you ‘love’. (besides death, trauma, all those other nasty occurrences). but for your heart and relationships? it’s the worst.

because first of all, you have to get over something that you may have little reason and probably little motivation as well to do. then, you have the fact that who has the time or desire to go through all those negative and unpleasant feelings and the crying and the whatnot and hoo haa. then you have to deal with the fact that the breaker is all freakin fine and dandy and not to mention happily moving on to other things (and possibly people). (oh my sick murder of Teletubbies) and everyone else is randomly or occasionally sympathetic but what can they do besides that for a bit? and what can you do in mean(pain)time?

shove it! or shovel yourself into a tunnel of a new fake life! girls- go out there, get a fake tan, hang out with some other pre-second-decade-of-life carefree skincleave-exposing hotties who know where to find the best treats and to later groupuke them up (both food and hot boys) guys- keep shoving it and get a new video game or electronic device.

wow. i suck at pretending. and at making fun of people i hate. (and love)


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  1. paola says:

    “hang out with some other pre-second-decade-of-life carefree skincleave-exposing hotties who know where to find the best treats”

    that’s how i cope. lets talk on my NOT cellphone because all my minutes got used up. miss you.

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