~it suddenly got so hot, so so hot. i didn’t even realize it until i had on a long-sleever and it was sweaty
~i purchased an iced venti soy latte at approx. 8pm and then made myself a crazy bass latte at midnight- maybe overkill on the caffeine, i feel a little frantic
~i’m frantic about presenting the old ‘’ tomorrow…it isn’t good enough, but the picture is. my teacher loves pictures of people and the home page is classic! (tomorrow is present. i have to work before school. equals no time or no sleep)
~i guess i do stuff (ie work a lot) and then get frantic mostly about homework. i don’t do homework and when i do i’ve procrastinated so long that i go into a sub-category of procrastination where i’m under the illusion that i could do any and every single thing ever. i think that can be classified as ‘mania’ or ‘grandiose delusions’. jk high five. really though, i’m crazy. at least i’m still young?
~i want to make websites be my life. first i need to find a million dollars on the ground and then i will be happy to make websites and volunteer and stuff the rest of my life
~why am i blogging when i have eight hours of homework to do between now and never?
~this will all end (after approx. tomorrow night) so i should just forego sleep…except for that 20 minute in-depth presentation i should be presentable for
~i could go on and on but my lips are too dry and i say out loud whatever i’m writing so i have to stop talking.

that last one was a lie (my lips are dry though) so i have to go. do work. check out the site (ask and i’ll share). maybe dehydration is caused by excessive caffeine consumption. who knows? (everyone does)

oh, and if you happen to be available to do lots of work for me in the next few hours i’ll pay you 75 dollhairs. remember saying that under your breath as a kid?

if you didn’t you are deprived. currently.

i’m just getting wicked now. ta-ta!

tasha tudor

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One Response to so!

  1. paola says:

    Let me first take a second to welcome myself back to your glorious blog.


    So, soy lattes are the bomb diggity dawg– I got one at a starbucks on market st, and although the cute guy took forever to make it, the short cup that contained the beverage was a cornucopia of deliciousness.

    Furthermore, I have been quite ridiculous lately; and I hate most things. But there’s potential hanging out tonight, so lets hold hands. It will make me happy. No.

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