intelligence yourself

i feel a little under-intelligenced today. see. i just used a word that is not real. so i will start off by sharing other people’s stuff:

this guy is smart, interesting, and speaking about what i care about- education and creativity.

i also care about random word origins and questions as such- where did ok come from and what does it mean?

next up- educate yourself about the dangers of reading books and flying.

i’m more shocked about notorious b.i.g. being 24 when he died than about the allegations in this article. who knew he was so young? i thought he was at least 37 or maybe even 42. that. is. crazy.

some youtube videos are out of control bad. and 50thousands of people watch them. probably because they see a lot of people have watched them and so more people watch and it is a vicious pernicious cycle. and now i want to go swimming.

no swimming for me. i have to work. and you know what i’ve done with my weekend? no homework, or barely any really, and a lot of wasting time, and a misapplication of fake tanner. there. i admit it. i tried to use fake tanner. and it did not work. i wanted to look like the sun and a glowing radiant bronze tan. i did enjoy the weather outside yesterday. i suppose natural tanning is the best way to go, but even that’s overrated. protecting skin from the sun is more worthwhile.

enough with the random boringness- almost as bad as the youtube videos i watched. i’m sad i have to work. it’s just not right. to be sad so much about working so much. i should just stop working. a bit. still need mad money.

boring! i’m going to go work on so come visit.

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