as soon as i’m not working 98% of the time (that i’m not ‘sleeping’) then i’m going to overhaul rejunevanize and makeover this site/blog. it’s going to be ooc. my life is ooc right now. for sure. it makes me sick.

that’s no way to be little tucker! right my internet peeps? let’s joy-n together for some positivity!

i created a new section recently: holistic and wholesome articles. it’s going to be awesome (and bottomy and life changing for people who want it to be)- i just put up one called ‘creating magical relationships’ which is pretty advanced. i fail to remember a lot of it a lot of the time. even though i am not ‘in a relationship’ i bet i could still get stuff out of it.

i want to even maybe add a whole ‘coffee’ section. the left side has lots of gems people!

boo. hoo. my life hurts. give me gems.

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  1. garth says:

    You’re rich now.

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