got an espresso machine!

don’t tell strawbyhobby that i got it from walmywamwam for 29.99. pathetic! jk haha lol. you see, i did go to starbucks for the ‘accessory kit’ to make up for what it lacked (spoons, shot glasses, steaming pitcher with thermometer) and that cost almost as much as the machine did!

i’ve made three ‘lattes’ so far. it’s recommended that you use espresso obviously. but i had some good ol’ christmas blend open, so why waste it- christmas blend lattes for everyone! and they taste good? i think so! odd. if you work at starbucks i think you’d understand or be able to imagine what it might be like.

other than that…working on! that’s partially ‘due’ next week. freaking out about how much schoolwork and how little time due to $ work. ugh.

in india there is almost no Alzheimer’s and my carpool ride buddy and i were talking about how it might have to do with diet aka they use a lot of spices and awesome stuff. japan too. japan also has a very low autism and other childhood disorder rate which may be because of diet. interesting to think about all of these environmental factors as triggers and the dna stuff that has/is/will come up in the next decade or so.

i don’t quite understand this zen productivity site but i think i really like it! my mom told me today that women who drink 3 cups of coffee a day are 70% less likely to commit suicide. gotta love off-the-wall statistics that make no real coherent sense. i guess that definitely could be true for one instance or something.

i shall make a movie soon and figure out how to put it up here. i suppose youtube is a practical means of doing so. i am thinking out loud. i am boring myself.

well- here’s something humorous, inspiring, and uplifting. an ex-400-lb guy loses some mad weight and runs the freaking boston marathon. inspiration plus.

in order for me to run it next year i’m going to have to start living off espresso at work and at home and i’ll no longer need sleep.


but i can always dream.

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  1. garth says:

    “…i’ll no longer need sleep,”… “but i can always dream.”

    I like that, clever.

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