“Can you turn the lights down I feel like I’m in a spelling bee” -Busdriver

Oh Regan Farquhar! You silly Bee!

(The “I’m not actually standing by this person and I don’t even really know a photo is being taken of me” look ©Busdriver 2007)

Last night at the Starlight Ballroom I saw Regan (aka ‘Busdriver’). I think I liked him better before I met him.

Okay, so maybe I did say I was a ‘fan’, but I guess Busdriver isn’t really a fan of his ‘fans’. If you ever want to get in on the high-speed adrenaline rush of being his friend, maybe don’t admit that you like him first thing off.

I’m glad it all happened, even if my hopes, dreams, and future all had to be revised. Because after noticing the ‘pre-eighties fun girls’ he was hanging out with, and seeing him disappear about every 20 minutes with them after the show, I knew he was not as I had once imagined.

I did really like the guy Matt who backed him up on beat pads. He was named Matt, known as “Antimc“, and he was a real person indeed.

No two trashbag-esque puff dress, lycra or spandex tight, and high boot heel (not-twin) twins b hanging with him.

Well now, I can’t be sure, but last night we did talk for a while. And he laughed at the label M & I made him: “Aural wave architect“; Regan did not seem to bat an eye about “4d elf, 3d world“. Someday, in a transcendental meditation, maybe he will.

The show? Busdriver was fast as usual. RJD2 was better than last time I saw him. I really like Antimc. Check im out.

Oh! that picture of Regan and I, his ex-greatest fan (joke stalker/whatever/it’s all in the past)…I’m glad reality hit a good chord and that I have such a sweet sweet picture of us. Our looks are priceless!!!

I love my life.

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