check out cafetorium all-stars

i’ve got their sweet song “like a cat feat. timmy” on my myspace page right now.
it’s things like that that keep me going.
and though these things have been said before, this was a nice thought, and if i wasn’t so busy i’d do one of the tips.
hmm…too many hours of work, and too many crazy ladies today saying #$%^ to customers waiting for drinks like “i hope you don’t slip on the floor when you’re leaving- it’s very dangerous to have a wet floor”, or huff huff puff sigh sigh “i have to be downtown for a meeting right now“. wait- like….i………wow. people. don’t stop for coffee if you don’t have two minutes or more. two minutes! i am not your problem!!!
i could get so violent. it’s terrible. annoying customers bring out the worst in my entire life of me. especially several in a short time span. i guess they didn’t notice we were humans, or, most of the time, that they have the major problems.
maybe i’ll bring a punching bag to work to put in the back. i bet others would use it.
i can’t concentrate on anything else i’m still so pizzed about those coffee drinkin mutha froopers. there are some i love though- i’m not heartless.

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