chicken bag dragging and excessive medication

the kat ten pulled a bag of uncooked previously frozen chicken out of the trash and dragged it across the room, making a scary noise that i thought was someone who had broken into the house. oh no. not only did anyone not learn from that, but today there is an empty bag, two chicken legs gone, and no sign of even the bones. where did they go?

after some research, i found it is okay. cats are allowed to eat raw stuff, they have better digestive juices ‘n tracts and shorter intestines, so they can handle it. but it’s funny. mostly funny.

i’m scared. every day i print medical transcriptions and you would not believe how many medications everyone is on. the doctors have no problem adding a few more on. one patient was refusing to get on another medication because they already had to pay $600 a MONTH out of pocket for all of their medications. and most of these are poor old people. and just like pringles- once you start you can barely stop- the side effects are so bad you need other medications to help. (side note, side step, what the krunktop is going on with all the “hey we’ll give you the shortest period- wait no! no period at all!” birth control ranting and raving. it is downright frightful to me and not right. at all. it’s sort of sick and wrong, but maybe it’s cool not to have a normal healthy body thing happen to you. whatever. or sick.)

i remember people getting stuff to make them fall asleep and then stuff to make them get up. oh the horrors. it really is preposterous. much more i could say on this later.

hmm…i’m sad sometimes about working so much. it makes it so i don’t really have time to enjoy living in the apartment i’m paying for.

dogs make awesome sounds sometimes when they don’t know what’s going on or can’t control their excitement etcetera.

listenin’ to some new busdriver music and getting berry excited for his upcoming concert.

there is so much weird isht out there. find it.

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  1. death says:

    i heard of at least a few reported deaths from blood clots associated with women on birth control.

    but hey, who wants to deal with periods!

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