cyclical and sick; sic when i’m on the mic

i feel like i wrote the exact same thing i’m about to write, at the exact same time last week. so i won’t. i’ll just say ‘a bucket full of spew, don’t want to go to work, what’s new (eww)’ and move on. on to 10 hours from now when i’m eff inn done. so much work berserk.

at least i have my imaginary friendships in imaginary places. i look forward to busdriver’s concert april 11th like nothing else.


other than that….i’ve been up to no good… good. very little good.

i ate crispy duck at natural village yesterday and it was maliciously delicious. this was after almost hitting a duck crossing the street on our way to chip and putt. and then i had a dream about swimming with ducks and dams and things.

chip and putt was a plus. yes i did like it. we were philosophical and scurvish with our g-ballin ways. the lesson i got from it?

knowing is only half the battle.

the other half is talent/skill/preparedness/doing/action- that type of thing. put your knowledge to use. so now i will go know how to make espresso beverages for mostly picky female-dog-type ladies, many fat.

i like my a#$es fat not flat. you know? what the froop was this man doing having his janque vulnerable enough for this to happens?!?!!?

on that note, ladies, gentlemen, animals, and reptil#ans, have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. paola says:

    I don’t like duck, I tried it once and it just came right back up in a second— no no no bad duck. I saw Danielle today and I miss you guys when are we hanging out? No, seriously. I have nothing to do tonight, why aren’t you calling me?!!!?! Call me.

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