what ‘chu like

i don’t exactly know what ‘chu like. so tell me. personally, i love those cute and fuzzy animal things (mostly only mine though), extremely delicious hip-hop and occasionally some crap beat-strong rap, pure and potent green tea usually japanese, a good snoog (especially from a cat), makin music, being hyper enough to do a lot of stuff and having a nice sense of completion.

i don’t get that completion lately. too many jobs and schools.

i like chu. i like not too many obligations at this point in my life, the sense of freedom i have, knowing that it’s good that i am where i am, i like having fun with friends and people i barely know as well.

and i LOVE THIS!: erykah badu, my hero.com, is supposedly putting out 3 LP’s this year!!! YEE. how sweet would will that be. and i will release my something too- maybe a book maybe a cd, mostly a new pajama moonshine and the history adjusters song.

rainbows and soft clouds!

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  1. paola says:

    i like randomly hanging out at 2am on a saturday. awesome.

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