why did i see again this?

how am i supposed to even pretend to know how to sleep?!?!

remember that post near v-tines day about seeing that man that i had seen only once before when i was crazy all night stay up?

he is real. he is back. the weird part? i was on a walk with !@#$ and @%&*^ (names disguised to protect lives) and i was actually talking about how we ‘own’ the ‘town’ late at ‘night’ because no one is around. few cars really. and then i thought i saw the man drive by. and i was talking about being crazy and we were walking almost finished

and then

he was there. scare. was ver. ee. so.

the bright light in his car is always out of control- i didn’t think it was him when we really saw him because his front lights were so bright. and sure enough his bright interior lit up his face and persona- but this time he was wearing some sort of tribal headband. native american pattern.

bright light. so exposing of interiority. again i try to say maybe he is a paper boy route, but !@#$ says maybe he was when he was younger and now he sleep-paper-drive-routes.

in any case, i will not be able to sleep. for days. it gets worse every time. i admitted that he might be the most real hold of terror grip anyone has ever had on me in reality (not movies and not sensationalized news), because he is real and i had really thought i made him up when i was crazy and he really is real now.

but few have seen him. !@#$ still couldn’t see him fully because his bright lights blinded us. i just knew. terror in my heartmobile. and i looked straight on at him into the car. which scared me even more.

it is soon the time to draw a picture for you to sort of be helped by.


i just do not know.

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3 Responses to why did i see again this?

  1. Hungarthy. says:

    since I barely maybe saw him last time, and now again, I really want to see him, but you’ll have to point him out since you know when he’s there because of the paralyzing fear you sense, and then I will run upto him and see what’s going down, then maybe we’ll take a ride and throw newspapers at peoples doors with body parts wrapped in them, not kidding though, well about the body parts and ride I am, but really, I want to know now.

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