a capella and the frenchies

first you must watch this video.

a wonderful concert given by “Naturally 7” (from New York- I knew they weren’t French because French people can never really fully get rid of their accent)

they’re not bad at all, but the more interesting thing is that it’s on the Paris metro. and people had a much better reaction than I would have thought. it’s crowded and people don’t smile or interact usually, but they’re clapping and smiling, taking phone videos, and the one lady gets into it (kinda bottomy!) but it is touching.

gives me hope for someday riding on the metro again, and maybe i’ll do some violinin.

one time my friend and i really did play in Paris like some musicians do in the tunnels before you get on the metro in and we were scared (on a eu les jetons!) out of our minds. she played guitar and i played violin.

we had it planned out what we would do if someone tried to talk to us (you have to have a permit and we didn’t, not to mention we were foreigners)- we actually debated on whether or not to pretend to speak really bad french (when we were in reality almost fluent) and act ignorant, or we could speak really good french and argue ignorance again but hope that our knowledge of their language would help us out. the backup plan was run, get on the metro, keep running, and hope we could run away fast enough.

i realized i should tell more crazy stories from my year abroad in france, or i should tell more stories from my year abroad in crazytown, but for now this is good enough.

i need to work on sharing my knowledge of french, so i will help people understand some of the comments from that video, for example:

a eux seul il peuve fer une teuf pk y a pa tt le monde ki jump la

It’s them only having a party because not everybody is ‘jumping’ there”, or rather, “Not everyone’s into their party” I think. I’m going to try to see real live French people’s comments and stuff and translate the slang and shortcuts for fun. So if you like French, check it out.

Until next time, bon voyage.

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