boo, boo hiss

i still have a little bit of hacking cough from when i wast sick almost two weeks ago now.
but boy did i have a fun day! after printingworking i realized it was nicer than a daisy out so i decided to take bella dog for walk. and God smiled upon us because my roommate and I providentially met up and went for this walk together- and we never see each other.
we talked, walked, gawked?, etcera…and it was lovely. so hot.
then we went to the Allways cafe which I will write a ‘review’ of soon, and it was DELICIOUS. also like heaven. we had so much fun together.
bella bit at the water forever, barked at it a few times, and generally went crazy running all over and putting her tail down when dogs tried to sniff her crotchkins.
oh what a day. i even walked again later. and a little later i crashed. accidentally tired, i fell asleep for a famous three hour nap. when i awoke, my head hurt (dehydration), my lip hurt (it cracked open and it wasn’t that dry), and i was ouch. disoriented in general. you know what i mean.

education for the paranoid= no child left behind. NCLB suck!!! full of propaganda and empty slogans.

is this the wave of the future? yes. iphones are too.

i did not know they were cousins! that’s so special.

so is using snakes for massage. but yes, like the man commented, somewhat inhumane.

and to make me and you feel better, because i am still discombobulated from my nap, a story of cat attacks.

finally, you should listen to blockhead if you want something awesome to eat you up.

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  1. paola says:

    do they dispose of the snakes once they’re used? i hope they recycle.

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