kawfee tawk

Coffee that is ground up should really be thrown away within a week to ensure maximum freshness.

Freezing coffee isn’t actually better for it, it takes away from the quality.

A good espresso shot should be in the range of 18-23 seconds.

Espresso shots have a body, heart, and crema, it’s a mix of deep dark browns and then some more tan/white foam on top.

Coffee can be washed, semi-washed or something else.


It’s good for you. Sometimes.

I’ll let you know more later- I heart coffee!!!

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  1. paola says:

    washed, semi-washed, dry.

    latin american, african, asia/pacific..an? multi-region blends. no.

    i miss la marzocco and 18-23 seconds. boo hiss verismo.

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