junk mail hailing in my bale of hay hey you don’t say

boring. hate that junk mail. so many’s of it. i’m listening to someone i know’s music and i really like it. i’m happy, proud, excited, and hopeful for the future. the future of my career. it’s not hopeful in any sense pertaining to what i just said, but i am excited to make music, and excited to also make money as a professional. at whatever i do.

all boring as well. i just had a delicious potluck dinner. garbanzo beans, smoked gouda and flatbread, homemade guacamole, chocolate rocks, fresh pineapple, chimay, the whole family works. it was nice to see friends. but we talked about ringworm, tapeworm, pinworms, and all sorts of other disgusting things. so gross. really foully unpleasant to think about. in the end i agree that it was very humorous, but at times i felt downright anxiously nauseous.

if i don’t know what i’m going to do in the night on the weekend sometimes i get depressed. maybe i’m also depressed not to be seeing cute baby nieces and such. it was a good time. luckily the flight back got me all of my luggage. the same duffel bag did get rifled through though. i won’t take that on no future flights.

oh, and last night, the bar, was, out of control. so many crazy things. can’t explain it, you kind of had to have been there. mark got a label maker and made odd labels for people, like, ‘farmer in the dilla’, ‘unique elf storage’, ‘beast 2.0’, all sorts of krunktoppins.

wawa at 4 am is always a pretty good time idea. mostly.

i better go now and not be doing nothing.

maybe i’ll start that dj career.

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  1. paola says:

    make french music. why aren’t we hanging out right now? miss vous.

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