family is a precious conglomeration of pleasant oddities

Brr. It’s way more freezing than an ice chest in here. I just remembered something that made me laugh out loud, to myself, in that proverbial ‘lol’ kind of way. Remember Monopoly and the ‘Community Chest’? Well, when I was just a growing (and vulnerable) teenager, my sister and her friends decided to rename it ‘Amanda’s big chest’, which is something that I did not have at the time and still to this day do not possess. They even had a sing-song way of humiliating me when anyone (but especially me) would get it: “Amanda’s Big Chest”.

Well, luckily, it’s decades later and I’m obviously over that. Right? That’s why I brought it up. Actually it really did just make me laugh. Being home is great. We laugh at our dysfunction now more than ever before. And more touching stuff.

Like hey my sister’s new baby- Elizabeth- my second niece. She’s a beaut. I already put up a picture before, but here’s more:


Oh she really is just that precious and moreso more. And today I got to spend time with both nieces, and their two cousins (girls- 3 and 5/6) and together they’re all HILARIOUS. You can only be there to know, and you wouldn’t really even know unless they were related to you. That’s the beauty of appreciating a family, it’s such a delicate art that only select few privileged members outside of the family get to get it.

I saw Eulogy, recommended by a favorite cousin of mine (thanks Gordo), and it was well worth it. A good laughcry, but it made me feel better and worse about my family all at the same time. Can’t tell you why (not blog material length), but I recommend it to people with at least a mild amount of dysfunction in their families.

Oh the smiles and laughs of precious little angelic people! How I cherish them. They fuel me for months, and not having one of them makes it easier to do that other stuff (jobs/school/etc) that I need to do for now to perhaps prepare for the arrival of one someday- although when the baby was crying I was with my other sister and I was like ‘What do I do? She won’t stop!” and she was like “You’re not her mother, that’s how you stop her crying.”

Okay that’s enough for now. If I don’t get under some covers cats might eat me or I might freeze away. (Oh Yeah, did I tell you that my cat was pacing around, making the oddest yowling noises, with a small green stuffed animal in its mouth- most likely thinking he’d found a mouse? Then he tried to attack me. I think he’s senile. Love him!)

Home for not even a holiday and the memories are just as grand.

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