assorted gummi treats

i got some assorted gummi treats from ‘food basics’. don’t go there. they have latvian candy and ‘tiger’ energy drinks, we touched as much of the produce as we could before we got bored that no one had said anything to us, they have food in large rolley carts and it’s scary, and more scary. go once for the experience, but no more for no no no!

the gummi treats we got were disappointing too. blue sharks. i really expected more from you.

on a better note, i’m flying home tomorrow to see my new niece elizabeth and my older niece charlotte. i’m going to cry tears of joy. and i’m not working eight jobs so that should be really nice too.

i made a creepy video for school and why am i making videos? crack. i don’t know why this course i’m in is happening.

nothing is real, everything is real, everything is a word. words are used. sued. pursued. pursed.

i bought a hot new wallet.

i love you bye.

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2 Responses to assorted gummi treats

  1. paola says:

    crack? CRANK. how long are you gone for? ever? have fun and come back now.

    have you ever had chocolate covered gummi bears? try ’em.

  2. A Ponticrau Au Tor Ain! Hagios. says:

    If your blog was an uncut diamond (if you’ve seen those on a TV program) And I were a skilled diamond cutter. I have no idea how I am going to cut this diamond. The complexities and secrets it holds are endless and I see something new every time I sit at my work table and lay it infront of me. I have spent an hour and a half here of which I should be in bed. A diamond cutters job (as I understand it) is to determine how to cut the diamond in such a way that removes the least amount of material to become smaller diamonds, while making it a geometric shape that compliments the gems size, purity and value to the greatest extent.

    What am I saying?
    Why a diamond, and how do you cut a blog?

    Sitting here reading different entries, I find there are collectively an endless supply of things to be learned. It is an enormous uncut diamond. There are others that may be shinier, but you every time you look at this one it seems different and you find something else new and exiting and extremely valuable.

    Like that little man dancing that was posted in January, and then the inspirational 80’s hip-hop video at the end. Riches beyond belief right there.

    It’s all like the sand tiger says in Aladin.

    You’re blog is a diamond in the rough, a diamond in the rough.

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