DJ Synflood is pretty good and so is my future DJ quest

DJ Synflood- I gussest the Hip-hop mix, Pluralism, Afro-future, and will add mo’.
(oh by the woo hah, this is a picture of me and King Louis XIV and my friend in front of Jimmy Page’s grave)

if you like “Nu-Soul to Detroit, from Hip-Hop to Dub-Step” then check out- dj synflood– a man that i like because he has some stones throw stuff on several of the mixes. some of the electronic stuff is eh, some awesome, i like the ‘hip hop’ mix the best i think.

so i’m going to be a DJ. but. first i have to become so great that i surpass nearly every other DJ out there. so that’s not going to happen. but. i will try to dj myself a new life, in the privacy of my own comforts, until i am ready to maybe allow friends to hear, and then we’ll see. by the time this all happens i’ll be old.

i’m pretty excited about the idea though. i tried some cd mixer turntables at a store today and I LIKE!

Now my neck hurts. For no good reason.

Hey my niece is CUTE! I saw pictures of her ‘Lizzie’ and she has nice blue eyes. Life is precious.

This weekend we went to my friend’s house in Philly by the Fire where F.C.S. played and I liked it a lot. It was a nice loft-y place.

If you feel moved to make a donate towards my life as a DJ feel free to contact me while I in the nice-time work on revising my front page to facilitate this. I should make/sell T-shirts. I have some ideas I do!

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2 Responses to DJ Synflood is pretty good and so is my future DJ quest

  1. paola says:

    Life is so precious. People aren’t though– like me. Throwing keys. At some dude named Jen. I mean chick. Chick named Jen. Today. By accident. At work. Oh god. On purpose. I laughed. (S)omeone(tacey) said it was horrible. I laughed. Then I apologized, so that makes it okay, right? No.

    I don’t like being resentful. Miss you.

  2. me says:

    yeah you’re right- my dj name should be dj throwing keys, or dj future quest. you’re so right sometimes paolu!

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