Tin Hat, Bags of Cats, and Horsebird Attack

Sunday night, the night I was planning to get everything done, a friend called and asked if I’d go to see Tin Hat (no longer Tin Hat Trio because Rob Burger left and two others joined)

Long story short? Doesn’t usually happen in my book, but it was a delightful spontaneous bout of musical energy, a fantastic night of earful glee.

I’m forever grateful that he called and that we all went. World Cafe Live downstairs is a nice little swanky sweet place. They had delicious eggplant fries and the waiter called me anorexic because he thought I didn’t order anything. Au contraire, mon ami, I was going to just steal from the other two in the party.

The band F! played before Tin Hat. They were fun, I liked the accordion, but we did miss about half of it (behold spontaneity and slow get-ready-ers).

My favorite parts of Tin Hat? That sexy-bass contra-alto clarinet!!! Player Ben Goldberg quipped that he teases friends who play the bass by pointing out that this clarinet goes one note lower than the bass does! It was a sweet, sweet instrument and I don’t know why I have never met it before. And then there was the violinist Carla Kihlstedt, who started off by playing a Stroh violin horn-y thing…very nice, I like!!!

Each artist used their instruments to the fullest ability and beyond. This wasn’t just your conventional strumming on a guitar or bowing and plucking a violin, oh no, they hit and slapped and worked and twerked all parts of the instruments. Nothing short of incredible and quite refreshing.

Genre? Refreshing as well. I was hesitant at first to pay a lot of money to see jazz if I wasn’t in the mood. They’re not jazz, so much as pop, soul, freebooting, and so much more. They’re like the Fresh Cut Salads (genre= pop-secret®) of Jazz.

I don’t normally like to close my eyes while listening to music because I feel pretty bottomy, but I had to because anything else was too distracting, and I didn’t want nothin’ to take away from that beauty full noise.


In other news? Good things are happening everywhere, I saw it on the news. My news that is. If you want to know more, check this out- yay for knowledge and horsebird’s near hatching.

Lollipops and dog treats from the bank. Have a splendid day.

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    On a completely unrelated note, write about this:

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