lots on my mindiverse

i do have a lot on it. among other things:gum arti’m thinking about the value of art and the classification of literature as art and its implications. right amandoo, shhh…

so people were talking, and i noticed some stuff, and we all decided that the times, they have uh changed did: and now girls can’t even be girls and classy might be trashy?

i don’t really know what i’m talking about, but i wish that you’d watch arrested development and see about the girls with low self-esteem and their videos. what a show!!! (the show has many wonderful associatable topics and this is just one of the thousands)
do you like geeky number-related raps or soulspirational music? seriously check out my new friend. friend through those internet tubes that’d be
a photo may exist out there with a thousand words describing my temporary loss of bright ideas. maybe that’s because my inspiration lies in music and i am not outletting that properly.

we must go now. to enjoy hot chocolate and sammies. maybe. maybe not.

“i’ll slice you, wife you, divorce you, throw the porsche at you, is what i’m forced to do”

hit em up style. it’s been a while. i smell like a pile of bile. bye y’all.

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