Demythtified #2: Does God Exist?

first off, we must do some readingsearch, as i have done:

God does!

Maybe so, my children.

No God.

In conclusion, you can find a dog called a cat, a white horse a rat, and you’ll always strike out at bat if you’re trying to research something like this on the internet. If you believe that God exists, then most likely there will be certain unprovable aspects of the reasoning behind it. Science is about fact, spirituality is about faith and more vague stuff like values and feelings. You can find a plethora of stuff anywhere, and argue with plenty of people either way, and in the end- it’s up to you.

For me, God does exist. How and where are the trickier parts. I wouldn’t bother arguing with someone who believes the opposite because they would probably bring up lots of weird facts about evolution or scientific proof of bla bla bla, but I can only say that God exists for me as a part of humanity. I am not sure about how the world came to be, but that’s not all that important to me today. I do care about human interaction and God’s presence in those, in everyone- black and tan, tanned and baked, or even ‘good’ and ‘evil’. God is in a part of every person and that’s what brings us together.

“God exists with or without us”

As far as differences in the name people call this ‘higher power‘, and different versions of ‘God’, I think that’s more about beliefs and ways of life, and the importance that image evokes. I see humanity best interconnected by a spiritual presence, and it can be called God, Allah, Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life, or it can be called compassion, loving kindness, mercy, benevolence, gratitude, altruism, or anything else. For me, God is an everyday presence in not just my lives, but in the lives of everyone around me, in some form or another.

“The proof is in my heart. He isn’t something to be proved but known and felt and loved.”

“Mere unbelief in a personal God is no philosophy at all” -Einstein

And how about this interesting combo:

“Gods too decompose. God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him” -and-
“Without music life would be a mistake…I would only belief in a God who knew how to dance”

Written by the same person- Nietzsche.

“Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates” -Mark Twain

That might be my favorite one. It doesn’t actually prove or disprove anything, but it certainly makes me fonder of that Mark Twain fellow!

If you do not know what to believe, then reflect upon Pascal’s wager:

  • “You believe in God.
    • If God exists, you go to heaven: your gain is infinite.
    • If God does not exist, your loss (the investment in your mistaken belief) is finite.
  • You do not believe in God.
    • If God does not exist, your gain is finite and therefore negligible.
    • If God does exist, your loss is infinite: your gain is zero, and you may be punished.”

How about St. Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica? Interesting stuff here as well.

A few of my closing thoughts on God’s existence?
Proof= babies and cats, humor, common sense, nature’s ceaseless beauty and perfection, crazy people have seen and walked with God
Dis-proof= no ‘proof’ that God exists (though you can say the exact opposite as well), God is hard to define and different for each person (but that does not actually mean that God doesn’t exist), and I’m done with the dis-proof as I don’t have much of it

Religion and religious beliefs? That’s a completely different type of subject as well. Not to be myth or demythtified.

So I think we’ve cleared it up then, it’s up to you, but I think God makes a good argument for Godself.

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2 Responses to Demythtified #2: Does God Exist?

  1. paola says:

    This is why I love you, amandoo, for your genius-osity. And I love that you quoted the one and only Friedrich Nietzsche– he also said that Dostoyevsky was “[t]he only psychologist from whom I have anything to learn.” He would have hated us!

    And I like that whole logical sequence from Pascal… but it does bother me a lot, too. It implies that what you may eventually gain or lose should fuel your belief in God– convenience, mainly. Pascal is basically saying it’s more convenient to believe than to not believe; however, a belief in God should be derived from faith, not convenience. And I think that’s the problem with some (insert name of religion here) people today, they believe because they fear the consequences of not believing (i.e. not being “saved”) rather than believing because of faith.

    And how ironic that I write this on a Sunday morning, a day of respite and worship for a “Catholic” like myself (I work in an hour). Shouldn’t I be at mass?


  2. me says:

    true that- paoloo makes an excellent point, or rather, excellent points. a number of them. pascal’s wager does simplify the belief in God to convenience, and therefore makes it not really leally true at all. Belief spurred from fear continues a cycle of unrealistic ‘faith’ and many falsities.
    but what am i talking about, i slept in past church times three, and i didn’t even go to Thanksgiving service this year! and that’s why i know that my faith is completely a choice unto myself, because i do not feel like church attendance should be compulsory.

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