anotha day anotha dolla

just about sums it up ladies and gents. well, i worked at the mall on black friday. 6am to 2pm. and the thing is, that isn’t a long shift, and people do that all the time at el starbucks, but for me, it was gross. especially because i didn’t couldn’t wouldn’t fall asleep until at least 330am. and got up at 5ish. and later i concluded that there is nothing more important in this world than sleep. love is great, family and friends are cool, but you couldn’t survive without sleep. it is gross to think of the shopping that happened today. i have more stories than your grandma can readily pull out of her memory banks from today alone.

i had some macaroni and cheese. we’ll leave that at that. oh. fine. i also had a delismicious leftover thanksgiving sandwich. which leads me back around to this:

my little two year old cousin puked at my table at thanksgiving dinner. not but ten seconds later, my grandma comes round and starts taking pictures like nothing traumatic just happened.
my family spontaneously bursts into song together.
there was soy whipped cream. bizarre. pleasant, but not to taste i heard.
other ‘family secret’ type things that would only embarrass or endanger me…

happy black friday. avoid the mall.

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