Kidblount and Trolley lolly la

we’re having a good time aren’t we?

there really is nothing better than recycling garbage into art or useful items. well, that, and a loved humanimal!

and think about all that nature that we’re always destroying, we could really stand to make a stand for reuniting ourselves with it instead. i think a lot of this stuff is about fear.

there are some real weirdos out there doing bizarre deeds and if you don’t believe me, read down at the bottom there those other whacked up links- ‘man drives into mall during fight over radio’, or, ‘cocaine drink selling well in NY’, these are the times, not the NY times.

and finally, who of you does or doesn’t remember this kid?:

well he is a real kid. and he is still alive and well- and still looking for a girlfriend!

myspace michael

he could be your boyfriend-


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