the Eagles just lost and I lost my weekend

where did my weekend go? how did those Eagles lose like that in the last few seconds? well, i did do some fun stuff- like have a HOUSEWARMING PARTY!

(football pillow)

my favorite gift was a big football pillow, but my real favorite gift was a touch lamp. this amazing touch lamp allows you to have a chain of up to four people and someone at the end touches that last person and the lamp still functions wooh woohooo!!!

(touch lamp)

what great friends, what great times. it was my best friends birthday, as well as another friend’s birthday, so these were things celebrated this weekend too. other than that i have no idea what happened and now i have to go to work at a different than my home starbucks starbucks.

boo. boo hoo. what can you do? well i guess i will survive, as i survived the weekend, sort of, not quite yet, but almost- and i only forgot to do my homework six times.

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One Response to the Eagles just lost and I lost my weekend

  1. paola says:

    your party was soooooo rockin’ yo. what if the touch lamp coud ONLY be turned off if you had a chain of four people? then it probably would be a sucky touch lamp that would never get turned off. or on. or what? what if there’s an earthquake — that lamp would be low, medium, bright; low, medium, bright like it’s NO ONE’S business. but the footbally pillow is soft and cool and your apartment is the bees’ wax.

    i love everything, see you tomorrow good luck at doyles-ly-town. paz y amor wooooo

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