how much is that profundity in the window?

sometimes i noticed that people accept and live regularly with less. once i wrote a masterpiece on ‘lack’ (and by ‘masterpiece’ i mean utipiece and by ‘once’ i mean last weekend) and i realized that maybe this is a trend for the times.

and these times are filled with people going through a life without more. generalize and blanket statement away- we are living lives that aren’t as full and as supple as they foreseeably could be.

and then i say amandoo, are you not simply just talking about your dampened life or current state of being and relating it to seas of other people? then i counter with- well, most people i talk to have significant frustrations with their current situation no matter how young or old, how poor or somewhat well-off, single or not. blah. it’s there, we ‘all’? live and deal with it.

i think the vagueness i’m speaking of is something like discontent, which is a healthy and proactive catalyst in humanity.

besides raging pretentiousity and die-hard fanaticism. fanaticism? well i just got back from an amazing jazz fusion concert with rubin edwards (my current roomie’s man man), and lynn lady valentine. and they were amazing. so i was thinking of all the music i don’t play but should/could/WILL!! (might!) and i was malnourished at heart and soul.

and so i will now go play some music with my bated breath boyfriend who is jamming out on the gweetarh and i will play zeee chelsoh, a new one for my (f)ears. i mean (ph)ears like the phat fat.

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  1. paola says:

    we all complain too much. lets get w@$#+ed!

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