check out my band!

no it’s not a real band. not really. not really yet let’s say. it’s actually just several short and unfinished? songs. pajama moonshine and the history adjusters is the name, and it’s pretty weird. you might be weird too and i love you for reading my ‘blog’ thanks!

so the fresh cut salads, a real band, had TWO shows this weekend! they were righteously rockin and i want some pictures of them (or me dancing and looking grood at them) up here. for now, check out the link on my blog to their blog- visions of the inner salad. yeah hit that up!

i got promoted to shift lead position at my starbuckianstore and i am doing some business building with Arbonne International, a deliciously tasty skin care and makeup company. if you want to have or throw a party for it, let me know.

if you’re not checking out popurls you’re not really living. did you hear about the journalist imprisoned for not giving up footage of a protest?!?!

those concerts were hot, and i loved those fresh cut salads, as usual. they inspire me to not procrastinate. sort of. i’m hoping to someday play another song with this great collaboration of a team. i also had some good conversations about random unmentionables all the while and i loved the shows, yes, i truly did.

i don’t have the time or energy to resize things.

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  1. paola says:

    in a fit of creativity and genius, you should create a company named STARBONNE — the illegitimate child of starbucks and arbonne, since your position in both companies is rising at a quick, nay alarming!, rate. trust me, it’ll be sweet as times.

    right now i can’t think of any awesome-as-caramel-macchiato caffeine-based products laced with some maple syrup or fake, waxy pumpkin sauce, so i’ll leave that to you. be inventive and maybe a little out of control. i came up with the name so i want 50% of the goods.

    peace b.

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