10 reasons to be really sad right now

1) i haven’t done any homework for years (but am indeed in school with a full workload- mostly due tomorrow)
2) i found this article and instead of practicing what it preach-ed i just read it and furthered my procrastination.

3) this one is really good, especially at this age (43 i mean 20 less than that), oh, i’m sad because some apply and i’m old. wait, no, i laughed more and still did not fit into lots.

4) you bought ingredients for and made two vats of tuna noodle casserole and still did not do your homework, when you could have gotten a burger, no wait, no. no burgers 4 me.
5) the Croc Hunter’s wife wrote about how difficult it’s been without that old faithful bravey mcgee, and i am sad no more crocs will be hunted.

6) i actually cried while driving on the way to work because i miss someone so much. it’s one of those ‘hey you know relationships end and you have to get over people who were sort of in your family but not really kind of sort of’ anyway, i got sad and bla bla bla

7) your health may never be safe- people are giving out fake medications for fake sickness…and stuff. in other news, too much testosterone will kill brain cells right?!?! well i didn’t know this, but, BOO! women. boo. boohoo again.

8) *our eagles players are out of control and not happy about it. i don’t even know about this other than hearing the same three pieces of information about it ALLLLLL DAYYYY.*

9) my cell phone dies all the time. i charge it too much and it’s not charged enough. i have a razr thang but i don’t want to deal with anything other than number 10 right now.

10) even though i might be an awesome person or not, i could just spend all my time sharing info and insights, but no, i have to do homework, that i have not done, that i can’t possibly even have the time to do (if i want to sleep for a few hours so i can work eight hours) but bah! bah to homework. i’m sad because of homework, if you are too, say yeah! most of you probably aren’t though, so just find something else to be sad about for me…


*addendumb*- i am leaving my ignorance up there to be commented on- shows how much i care about football ha! anyway looks like owens’ depression is due to not living in philly!

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One Response to 10 reasons to be really sad right now

  1. Illadelph Eagles says:

    Juice so you know, we traded Terrell Owens to the Cowboys.

    Gosh, go watch more TV instead of learning about interesting stuff on the internet!

    -Andy Reid

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