thinkin about babies?

watch this video and see if you still want to have one! haha.

this week, one of my best childhood friends denielle and her husband (my cousin) jason, had a precious little girl they named adara. i did get to see her at like one day old, but didn’t want to hold her yet. she was born at home and it was a great home birth. yay for them!

my sister norah and bro-in-law anday are having a second child and they found out it’s going to be a girl. soo excited about that! i’m going to have to go home now for spring break (as the baby is due in february) and visit my new niece!!! (second niece after charlotte)

carla(my roomie)’s niece came over today with her parents and she was been a boondle of cuteness. if you want to see pictures of that schmootie, go to and click on after/offspring, then galleries, then choose ‘raine‘ and she’s the cutest!


and finally, borat is not for babies. thank you ladies and gentlemen, tune in very soon for some fine tunes.

hugs and kisses.

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  1. chad says:

    OMG! That is a MFin’ CUTE MFin’ BABY!!!!


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