the king, the queen, the rat, and the court office

i believe tonight makes the third time this spectacular woman has come into starbucks since i started working there. she looks at you, real intense like, and might get out a word (might not) and starts a ramble rant rave (call it what you will) about ‘the king, the queen, the rat” and many other things including the ‘court’ and sometimes the ‘dog’ or the ‘prince’. she just goes. and it’s fast and loud, almost like she can’t control it like tourettes, and she manages to stop for a second to ask for a tall coffee and then goes on. this time i was prepared (and still rather intrigued as always), so i looked at her and tried to give her my best ‘i know what you mean’ look, and said ‘yeah’. she just looked back into my soul and promised to tell me later what she really means and she walked away to share it with others. now i know what it has to do with, believe you me, and i kind of like it.

great. well. i am moved into my new apartment and plan on having lots of fun stuff come of it. oh yeah.

and i’m scared.

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  1. paola says:

    you forgot about the peasant and the criminalization of the state — she’s my fave.

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