self-told truths, lies, and admissions (but no admissions)

no admissions to no loony bins that is. loony bin what who?!?!?

now say it with me, but in the right voice: “i like” yes. if you know what i’m talking about then you really do. if not, hop on it. go ahead…hop on the bandbus.

admissions of my friendship to myself:

1) i tried to tell the roots they were actually my real friends today. i guess that’s either better done in dreams or in real person when we hang out when i’m like a mad hiphopper.
2) if i deny something for long enough, it will not actually go away, but certainly and inevitably come up again, and sometimes worsely so
3) relieving some of my self-proclaimed-pressure to be perfect feels really nice and can move me towards accomplishing real goals that will rectify thizat
4) if you go to myspizzacelefome  you can hear a real nice song whether you like myspace or not
5) i should go to bed. serious cocao. trees. and leprechauns. all the people who else seen the leprechaun say yeah?!?!?!

last not lie- i love everybody. mostly everybody. and i don’t know why i wouldn’t find something to like in you (well at least that you’re reading my blog…if you’re not spamming it that is!)

moon emblem nighty night

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One Response to self-told truths, lies, and admissions (but no admissions)

  1. paola says:


    denial is a wonderful thing — but sooner or later you will have to face reality and it will totally smack you in the face and be all like “i’m back b_tchessss!”. so, no.

    and i don’t know if you noticed, but that’s one heck of a wink ya got there, yellowface.

    you dog you?

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